Product development and innovative solutions have always

been the backbone of our business


Rydell & Lembke Kyl- & Värmeteknik AB has been a household name on the market since its inception in 1968, and we are using tomorrow's technology to create new products and solutions that can be applied to commercial and industrial use for future generations.

We work together with other technology companies and are involved in the development and testing of new products.
Our plant has the capacity to manage small and medium-sized units. All our products are rigorously test run.

Rydell & Lembke has a wide range of heat pumps, refrigeration machines and liquid coolers from Carrier.


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Heat pumps & Liquid coolers


VKV-RL 9-14
VKV-RL 16-25


Chemical filtration

Efficient air purification is a secure investment for protecting high-tech equipment and creating a generally good working environment. We have fan systems with pre-filters and final filters that are customised to suit your space and needs.



A corrosion gauge for monitoring and alarm management. There are options for computer connection or storage of measurement values in instruments for up to one year.


Multichannel EC 59

Multichannel EC 59 is a unique product with a condenser, evaporator and supercooler integrated into one system. The exchanger offers major potential for an energy-efficient unit solution.



Through a service agreement with us, your company will enjoy scheduled repairs and regular servicing of its heating system. Our service agreements include 24/7 on-call, all year round service.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the service agreements we can offer you.